HP Delivers WebOS Community Edition

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 27, 2012

If you're old enough to remember the heyday of Palm and how many people swore by their Palm devices, you may wax nostalgic at the news that Hewlett-Packard has released the first part of WebOS Community Edition (WOCE), which is what the Palm operating system has morphed into after all this time. The open source offering is targeted at people who own HP's TouchPad tablet. The first release of WOCE is downloadable now.

While HP has already open source some WebOS components, WOCE is a full Community Edition mobile operating system. There is a support wiki available for community members to ask questions and generate discussions.

There is another release coming from HP called OpenWebOS, slated to arrive in September, which will be an open source platform that is appropriate for many kinds of mobile devices and not just the TouchPad.

You can find HP's blog post about the new WOCE offering here. As the post notes:

"The Community Edition is focused on supporting the TouchPad. By contrast, the Open webOS 1.0 release planned for September includes modernized technologies to better enable the community to port webOS to the hardware of their choice, and to integrate open source technologies in areas such as BlueZ bluetooth and GStreamer. No matter which aspect of the platform you care about, webOS will provide options for you. The source code can be found here."