KiWi PC Aims its Ubuntu Desktop Computer At Seniors

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 18, 2011

Could a custom Linux desktop computer be the ultimate machine for senior citizens? KiWi PC, which specializes in computers for seniors, is betting on  just that concept. Its new KiWi PC runs Ubuntu version 10.1, and is designed from the ground up to offer advantages for seniors. It even includes a color-coded keyboard that is designed to make accessing the web and applications easy.

According to KiWi PC's announcement of the system:

"Until now, there has not been an easy way for senior citizens to navigate the internet and stay connected to friends and family," said Oscar Ferreira, President of KiWi PC.  "Linux based KiWi PC provides the elderly with an easy way to stay in touch, learn and game online."

KiWi PC is offering the system for $499.99, which seems a bit steep for a desktop machine running a free, open source operating system, but the color-coded keyboard and some aspects of the desktop interface may appeal to some seniors. PCMag's Joel Santo Domingo, also notes this:

"Since the KiWi PC is Linux-based, it won't be subject to the countless Windows viruses and malware that seems to always find their way on to your great-aunt's PC. She will of course still have to watch out for phishing schemes, but at least you won't have to worry about her KiWi PC becoming a member of a botnet after she clicks on a Facebook link. Linux viruses and malware do exist, but Linux-based anti-malware tools tend to be free as well."

That security advantage, of course, is found on any system equipped with Linux, but it is an advantage. If you've spent much time running Windows machines you're probably well aware of how susceptible to malware they are. 

The KiWi PC also comes with a 19-inch flat-panel display, and offers a simplified menu interface called Me Menu, that tracks web sites visited, offers easy access to email, and more.