Mozilla Manifesto Nears 1.0

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 19, 2013

Mitchell Baker has blogged that since Mozilla is celebrating its 15 year anniversary, it was time to tweak their Manifesto first published in 2007. Mozilla gathered input for a year and three new proposed changes are suggested.

Mozilla lizards think they need to add a reference to privacy in their Manifesto 1.0. Mitchell said, "Preserving the privacy of users is a core Mozilla value," but wasn't explicitly stated in 0.9. So, now the words "and privacy" were added to Principle 4. This one seems perfectly reasonable, but the next maybe not as much.

All principles are being edited to 140 characters, or rather the three that were longer than 140 characters are being edited to fit on Twitter.

The third change states, "Strengthen the reference to individuals being able to create their own experience." Principle 5 has been reworded to state "Individuals must have the ability to shape the Internet, and their own experiences on it."

Mozilla is taking feedback before making the changes permanent, so interested parties visit Baker's post for links to discussions.