Mozilla's London/New York Game Hackathon: It's On!

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 14, 2012

It's already abundantly clear that 2013 will witness a rise in prominence for open source gaming, what with players like Valve and Ouya poised to leverage new open source platforms. Now, Mozilla is stirring the pot with a hackathon taking place simultaneously in London and New York this weekend, a part of the company's Game Jam hackathon series.

The London/New York Game Jam begins today and runs all weekend.  "Come show us what's possible using the web as an open gaming platform and create game prototypes for the Mozilla Game On Competition," says the Game On announcement. The only rule for the competition is that games have to be built to run in modern browsers like Firefox and Chrome, without any plug-ins. You can submit your games to Mozilla's Game On Competition to win a trip to the Game Developers Conference (

The deadline for Mozilla's overall Game On competition is 24 February 2013. Winners will have their completed games featured in the Firefox Marketplace and published at Chilingo, and you can find the Grand Prizes for the competition here.