New Linux and Android Game Platforms Gaining Momentum

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 09, 2012

Things are heating up on the open source gaming front. The buzz continues over the open source Ouya gaming platform. A Los Angeles-based project, Ouya is billed as "a new kind of video game console" and famously pulled down millions in funding on Kickstarter. As Ouya's plans ramp up, there are also new details emerging about Steam for Linux, which looks like it may include many more advanced games than previously thought.

Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman recently put up a blog post on where her much talked about Android gaming platform sits now.  Based on user feedback, the Ouya team has narrowed down a list of 20 gaming titles that people want on the platform. 

"We're now finalizing our circuit-board layout, overall design, and what's referred to as the 'CMF' - colors, materials and finish," Uhrman wrote. Ouya also has a new chairman, Roy Bahat.

Uhrman's post continued:

"Some of you have full-fledged games completed, others are in the process, and some of you are just starting to dream. We’re going through each and every one of your emails, playing your games, watching your videos, and reading your stories. We’re working on our developer support plans and will share more details in the coming months."

Ouya is going to be an exciting story to watch in the coming months. Meanwhile, more details are emerging about at least 15 games for Steam for Linux, which Valve has promised to deliver by the end of this yearThe first game is known: Left for Dead 2. Many Linux gamers are watching all of this closely, especially after the popularity of Steam for Mac. We'll stay tuned.