On Debian's Birthday, Raphaël Hertzog Looks Back at dpkg

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 14, 2012

Debian is turning 19 and is hoping users will be celebrating all over the world. Raphaël Hertzog looks back in is own way, by looking back at the development of dpkg. August 16 is the big day for Debian, but even the birthday post suggests a bug squashing party as one idea.

Debianites suggest folks throw birthday parties all over the world to celebrate 19 years of Debian goodness. They suggest keysigning parties, installfests, and even bug squashing parties. For the normal folks stuck with such nerds, a Debian birthday cake and a bowl of punch is a good idea.

Raphaël Hertzog, Debian nerd extraordinaire, celebrated by crunching some numbers from dpkg development over the years. He said that 146 people have contributed to dpkg over the years. There have been 6948 commits and "3133612 lines have been written/modified. Currently the dpkg source tree contains 28303 lines of C, 14956 lines of Perl and 6984 lines of shell."

He also highlighted the top five contributors:

1. Guillem Jover with 2663 commits
2. Raphaël Hertzog with 993 commits
3. Wichert Akkerman with 682 commits
4. Christian Perrier with 368 commits
5. Adam Heath with 342 commits

See Hertzog's full post for more information and a short video.