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by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 26, 2016

A few days ago we reported that Wayland is set to be the default graphical server in upcoming Fedora 25 but today Michael Catanzaro said only if it's ready. PC-BSD is renaming their desktop operating system to TrueOS and Christopher Tozzi looked at why BSD didn't become the dominate Unix-clone. Elsewhere, Michael Mason examined Budgie Desktop distros and, of course, there's more on Linux' 25th.

Wayland has been a dream of many developers for years. Old X11 has been pummeled with critiques and criticisms while many wish to ditch it forever. Only a few distributions use Wayland currently, but Fedora wants to change that. They hoped to make Wayland default in f24 but the change was postponed until version 25. Developers obtained the steering committee's permission to proceed and writers reported the news. Well, today, Fedora's Michael Catanzaro said hold your horses. He said just because the steering committee approved the change, that "does not mean the decision to proceed has been made." The switch to Wayland could be postponed again. Catanzaro said their Wayland desktop is looking good and the decision should be made soon. "Stay tuned."

PC-BSD has been FreeBSD easy for regular users to enjoy for a decade. It earned the respect of reviewers and a fan-base of users. Version 10.3 was released in April. Phoronix.com's Michael Larabel noted this evening that PC-BSD is renaming its desktop OS to TrueOS. He said the project began calling its server product TrueOS Server a while back, but now they're renaming the desktop edition as well. The project said, "Although [PC-BSD] is a household name for so many, the developers realized this was a time for a new name that would better convey our message." They said unifying the name makes sense. I guess PC-BSD, which indicates personal computers, doesn't fit in with the embedded IoT cloud-based pocket-sized social media-obsessed world. In related news, Christopher Tozzi asked, "Why Didn't BSD Beat Out GNU and Linux?"

Michael Mason took a humorous look at two top (only?) Budgie Desktop systems: SolusOS and Ubuntu-based Budgie-Remix. He was looking for which was the fastest, most stable, had most software, and best release cycle. He found SolusOS won most of the categories, but Budgie-Remix had lots of software what with being based on Ubuntu. The release cycle was hard to judge because one is a rolling release and the other an Ubuntu LTS. In the end, Mason couldn't decide and said both won.

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