Red Hat's OpenShift Commons Takes on New Members, Grows with Containers

by Ostatic Staff - May. 20, 2016

Red Hat's OpenShift Commons initiative is showing signs of momentum as container technology remains red hot. If you're unfamiliar with it, OpenShift Commons is an open source community spanning multiple projects where customers, partners, and contributors collaborate and share best practices about adopting container platforms at scale. The OpenShift Commons community is designed to bridge multiple upstream projects that are incorporated into OpenShift Origin including Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Project Atomic and more.

Since its launch in 2015, new partners have joined the OpenShift Commons effort, and Red Hat has provided an update on partners and milestones. 

According to Red Hat:

"OpenShift Commons has emerged as one of the industry’s most unique and robust communities, combining perspectives around container application development and deployment from OpenShift partners, contributors and customers. Recent customers, partners and service providers that have joined OpenShift Commons include Charter Communications, Consensys, Cox Automotive, Datadog, Infosys, Skatteetaten (Norwegian Tax Administration), Tata Consulting Services, the University of Michigan, and VMTurbo.

Unlike other vendor-sponsored software communities, OpenShift Commons is dedicated to combining input and giving users accessibility to best practices, operations knowledge, and briefings on special topics. The OpenShift Commons community focuses on intersection of shared interests between those participants building cloud native applications and those deploying OpenShift, the container platform, where these services are hosted. These cross-community conversations and collaboration play a key role in driving the container application industry forward.

Additionally, Red Hat is an active participant in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Open Container Initiative, incorporating code from the Kubernetes and Prometheus projects into OpenShift to ensure that the resulting open source container-based clouds are fully interoperable. The OpenShift Commons Briefings have also expanded to include new coverage areas to support OpenShift’s expanded user base and variety of production environments. New briefings cover topics such as upstream Kubernetes, building Docker apps, and container security features. The OpenShift Commons Special Interest Groups also have grown to encompass new container application platform capabilities featured in OpenShift 3, specific topics and vertical use cases such as operations, .edu, image builders and big data."

Paul Cormier, president of Products and Technologies at Red Hat, said:

“The substantial growth we have seen in OpenShift Commons, driven by community members, our partners, and customers affirms that innovation in the container application space can be achieved through a truly open community model. Red Hat is proud to facilitate an environment where cross-community collaboration can thrive and members can pursue the areas of container application development that interest them most.”

Alexis Richardson, CEO of Weaveworks, and Chair, TOC of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, added:

“Now encompassing 200+ organizations in more than 60 countries, OpenShift Commons is emerging as a new, effective model for open source cross-community collaboration. Weaveworks shares Red Hat’s commitment to collaborating on container and cloud-native solutions to deliver a stable, more secure and fully open-source cloud. Weaveworks is pleased to be part of this community and looks forward to more cloud-native collaboration efforts with Red Hat and the other members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to accelerate adoption of container-based microservices architectures.”

You can also Join OpenShift Commons, and learn more about OpenShift by Red Hat.