Reports: Google Beta Testing Android App for Chrome Remote Desktop

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 14, 2014

For about a year now, Google has been working on an Android version of its Chrome Remote Desktop app and new reports from Engadget, PCMag and other outlets claim that it is imminent. The origins of the project go all the way back to a short post from The Chromium Team, and many people have been waiting for the ability to access a remote computer or device from Android.

According to PCMag:

"For those who haven't had the chance to partake in Chrome Remote Desktop, the name is pretty self-explanatory. Install the extension into your browser for the world's easiest Virtual Network Computing (VNC) setup. From there, all you then have to do is install Chrome Remote Desktop on a second computer that uses the same Google login as the first (a process you can simplify by synchronizing your Google settings between the two systems)."

"Flip on both systems, fire up the app on the "client," or the system that you want to use to connect to the other one, and you'll soon be able to access the contents of your desktop as if you were sitting directly in front of the second system — so long as your network connection isn't horrific."

Androidi tablet users, in particular, are likely going to benefit from being able to access data and resources on remote computers, simply because it's an activity that calls for a fair amount of screen real estate in most cases.

Google's own Francois Beaufort has posted some of the features to expect in the Android app, which include finger swipes for zooming and the ability to add and remove toolbars. GigaOm also has a podcast on Chrome Remote Desktop including some discussion of what to expect in an Android version.