SCALE Organizers Call For Women in Open Source Presentations

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 03, 2008

The Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) is one of the most heavily attended open source events held each year. Slated to begin February 20, 2009, SCALE will once again host the annual Women in Open Source Conference (WIOS), a one-day event where women in the open source industry have the chance to showcase their work, share accomplishments, and brainstorm ideas.

SCALE organizers have put out a call for papers in order to begin making decisions on presentations and are now accepting proposal ideas. Virtually anyone is welcome to attend or suggest a presentation.

"Past attendees at this event have included women in technology, teachers, and parents of young girls. As a woman, if you've had experience working on a Free & Open Source project, deploying Free and Open Source software or been involved in the Free and Open Source community, please join us," says the event's Web page.

Last year's talks covered a wide range of topics. Perl Foundation President Allison Randal talked about "The Art of Conference Presentations" -- how to propose, create and give a great presentation from the ground up. OpenLogic's Stormy Peters discussed what it was like to be a community manager, while Intel's Danese Cooper explored why complaining about the predominate issues surrounding women in open source won't get anyone anywhere.

To have a proposal considered for the next WIOS, head to the WIOS page at SCALE's Web site for full details.