Spark and Hadoop Training Can Lead to Top Job Prospects

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 08, 2016

In the tech job market race these days, hardly any trend is drawing more attention than Big Data. And, when talking Big Data, the subject of Hadoop inevitably comes up, but Spark is becoming an increasingly popular topic. IBM and other companies have made huge commitments to Spark, and workers who have both Hadoop and Spark skills are much in demand.With all this in mind, several providers are offering free Hadoop and Spark training.

In many cases, the training is available online and on-demand, so you can learn at your own pace. Here are some of the best options.

Cloudera has announced an updated lineup of training courses and performance-based certification exams for data analysts, database administrators, and developers. The expanded training offerings address the skills gap around many top open source technologies, such as Apache Impala (incubating), Apache Spark, Apache Kudu, Apache Kafka and Apache Hive.  

“Cloudera University has established itself as a valuable resource for preparing data professionals across every industry. We’ve seen throughout the years that organizations which invest in training up front drive deeper results from their big data initiatives and move more quickly from proof of concept into full production environments,” said Mark Morrissey, senior director, Education Programs at Cloudera. “The skills gap continues to be the biggest hurdle in our industry, so we’ve made it our mission to overcome this challenge by offering the world’s most comprehensive training curriculum, and performance-based certifications, for the Hadoop ecosystem.” You can find out more here

Cloudera has an expanded Apache Spark training curriculum, although many of its classes are available for small fees. For more information about the courses on Spark and to register for a class, visit

Meanwhile,  MapR Technologies is making Hadoop training for developers and administrators easy to complete. It has unveiled several free on-demand training offerings. You can visit here to see the full list of courses, certifications and to sign up for free classes. 

MapR's leaders are wrapping Spark into the teaching curriculum as well.

These training programs promise to make a difference. According to Nick Heudecker and Lisa Kart, research directors, Gartner Inc., “As more organizations invest in big data, the shortage of available skills and capabilities will become more acute. Instead of facing a difficult recruiting market, organizations should focus on adapting available skills and engaging with established service providers to fill the skills gap.”