Survey Shows Cost Savings and Boosting Efficiency are Paramount in the Cloud

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 14, 2015

There were 279 IT professionals who attended the recent Microsoft Ignite 2015 event in Chicago, and Dimensional Research conducted a survey of the attendees on cloud computing topics. Cloud Cruiser, which provides enterprise software solutions for hybrid cloud financial management, has compiled some of the key results, which include some surprises.

However, according to the survey findings in the report Managing the Business of Cloud, nothing has changed when it comes to the fact that reducing costs and looking for IT efficiencies continue to be the top benefits companies seek with their migrations to the cloud.

An overwhelming 92 percent of those surveyed at Ignite stated that they are pursuing a cloud adoption strategy with the primary goals of improving IT efficiencies and reducing costs. 72 percent of respondents indicated that tracking cloud usage and costs is extremely or very important to their IT function. This applies to all cloud deployment models including private, third-party, public and hybrid. Additionally, the pace of cloud adoption continues to be swift as more than one third of those surveyed have a quarter or more of all IT services in the cloud.

"This latest survey is representative of what we are seeing in the market with our partners and enterprise customers," said Deirdre Mahon, Chief Marketing Officer, Cloud Cruiser. "Once an organization gets serious about cloud, they quickly hit a wall in terms of tracking usage and gaining full control on forecasts - essentially delivering services with efficiency and agility. Cloud Cruiser addresses that pain across the broadest range of cloud services today."

 The survey also revealed that if respondents have access to consumption or cloud usage information across their entire enterprise, they would like to enable the following:

- 57% - Improve IT forecasting

-39% - Compare costs across different cloud service platforms

- 37% - Implement showback / chargeback

- 34% - Expand on-demand / self-service access to the cloud