Tesora Delivers Certification Program for OpenStack Cloud Storage

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 20, 2014

As the OpenStack cloud computing arena grows, a whole ecosystem of tools and front-ends are growing in popularity as well. And, one of the most notable tools in the ecosystem is the database-as-a-service offering focused on building and managing relational databases, called Trove

Tesora recently announced that it has open sourced its Tesora Database Virtualization Engine, and now it is offering the Tesora OpenStack Trove Database Certification Program, which provides "assurance that the most widely used databases can be deployed with Trove into the most popular OpenStack environments via the Tesora DBaaS Platform."

According to Tesora's announcement:

"The Certification Program eliminates the headache of enterprises having to test integration on their own while reducing implementation time and saving money."

"Initially, certification and support includes the following databases: MongoDB, MySQL Community Edition, Percona Server, MariaDB, Redis and Cassandra, with work on Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL underway. In addition to database certification, the program also ensures that the Trove-based Tesora DBaaS Platform installs, configures and operates properly with popular OpenStack distributions. At the outset, Tesora is certifying OpenStack releases from Red Hat, Canonical and from the OpenStack Foundation."

"With the rapid adoption of OpenStack and  establishment of Trove as the database as a service (DBaaS) component of  OpenStack, enterprises want to know their chosen database will work as  expected with the cloud platform," said Ken Rugg, CEO and founder of  Tesora, in a statement. "We're looking to accelerate the development of a broad ecosystem around OpenStack and database technologies."

 Trove is starting to get a lot of notice, and Tesora's announcement took place at  OpenStack Trove Day, a gathering that the company hosted in Boston.

"Tesora's DBaaS platform and certification program provides MongoDB customers with the assurance of a compatible integration," said Vijay Vijayasankar, vice president of global channels and business development at MongoDB. "The knowledge that our database will work as intended, on the OpenStack distribution of their choice, is important when building out a DBaaS strategy."