Tomboy Update Syncs Your Notes Across Multiple Computers

by Ostatic Staff - May. 28, 2009

Tomboy, one of my favorite note-taking apps, previews a really great upcoming feature with it's new update this week. Tomboy 0.15.1's new Web synchronization add-in allows users to sync notes across multiple computers and share them with others. The heavy lifting is done by Snowy, a new Web app that's being designed specifically with Tomboy in mind.

Tomboy and Snowy talk to each other via a REST API for Web synchronization. "This API is easy to consume from the client end, and easy to implement on the server end, writes developer Sandy Armstrong. "This means we should have no trouble adding sync capabilities to Tomdroid and other Tomboy note clients. It also means that if you don't like Snowy, you can create your own web service that implements the same API, and still use the same web synchronization add-in included in Tomboy."

Though the ability to sync notes is probably the coolest new feature of Tomboy 0.15.1, there are others worth noting, too:

* Preview of new Web Synchronization add-in

* Work around problems on Windows caused by having multiple GTK+ applications modify PATH

* Search for phrases by surrounding them with quotes, save the width of the Notebook pane, and other improvements to the search UI

* Better HIG compliance in synchronization UIs

Tomboy is edging toward its 1.0 release, which is timed to coincide with GNOME 2.28. If you're a compulsive note-taker and information manager, then you really need to take Tomboy for a spin. It's one of the best open source note-taking apps for Linux out there.