Too Many Forks, the Right Distro, and Reason for Fedora

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 03, 2014

Today in Linux news the community tackles the "too many forks" question. Jack Wallen has how to find the right distro for the job and Mayank Sharma updated his "10 best Linux distros" article. Danny Stieben has five reasons to look forward to Fedora 21 and Bryan Lunduke looks at ChromeOS in his latest desktop-a-week review.

Jack Wallen posted an article covering Linux distributions categorized by task. For example, for the "task of everyday usage" or "desktop use" he recommends Ubuntu, Mint, Deepin, Bodhi, and Arch. He then covers Audio/Video production, security testing, developing, servers, and more. Be sure to check that out. In a similar article, Mayank Sharma discusses which distro is "right for you." If that sounds familiar it's because the article was originally published quite a while ago, but it was updated today.

Danny Stieben at yesterday posted "5 Brilliant Reasons To Look Forward To Fedora 21." He cheats really by using "A new Fedora release" as the first one, but his others include the new restructure, improved polish, and COPR repositories. He concluded, "Fedora 21 is quite an exciting release that I’ll continue to follow through the rest of the alpha and beta phases."

"Are there too many forks in Open Source?" asks Katherine Noyes in this week's Linux Blog Safari. That question, or variations of it, comes up from time to time and this time Linux Voice brought it up. Just about everyone Noyes consulted agrees forking is good usually and results in more choice. Some opposition was noted as forking causes duplicated efforts and chaotic results sometimes. 

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