TrueAbility Launches Ability Screen for Linux Pros

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 16, 2013

With jobs for open source professionals becoming available all over the place, it's a good idea for job seekers to keep abreast of opportunities for them to land jobs. Just his morning, I wrote about the new Training Marketplace that the OpenStack Foundation has launched. It was formed in anticipation of millions of cloud computing jobs that are expected to pop up over the next several years.

Jobs are also on the rise for Linux professionals, and Technical assessment platform provider, TrueAbility, has announced the launch of AbilityScreen for Linux Professionals, billed as "a new way to evaluate the skill level of those who work within a Linux environment." It allows Linux professionals to demonstrate their expertise and prove what they know, helping companies to discover them. The company also hosts Linux Showdowns for demonstrating skills.

“AbilityScreen enables employers to measure a technical candidate's ability within the technologies, platforms, vendor certifications and industry standards that their company uses today,” said Luke Owen, Co-founder and CEO, in a statement. “With AbilityScreen for Linux Professionals™ , we are helping to advance a new paradigm in recruiting Cloud Professionals, bringing efficiency to the recruiting process and providing a new approach to skills-based evaluation."

According to the announcement:

"An AbilityScreen puts a technical candidate in a real world environment, as they would be on the job, to demonstrate what their current level of expertise is—from anywhere in the world. AbilityScreen can evaluate the candidate’s ability to troubleshoot, leverage resources, and adapt to learning new things on the fly."

"Company hiring managers or recruiters can create and send a candidate an AbilityScreen with just a few clicks. When taking an AbilityScreen, candidates will be able to prove their skills by solving real issues in a live server environment, instead of the traditional technical interview process which typically includes technical trivia, multiple choice questions, or white-boarding exercises."

Salaries for workers with Linux skills have been increasing for several years running, a trend that can only continue as Linux makes inroads in businesses and on popular devices. There will undoubtedly be more ways for companies to assess Linux skills coming.