Ubuntu to Become a Rolling Release

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 23, 2010

Mark Shuttleworth recently told reporters that Ubuntu will likely be moving from its current six-month release schedule to daily updates. A step of this nature would help Ubuntu keep up with the rapidly changing and increasing complex software and hardware landscape. This is especially true as Ubuntu finds itself on more mobile and smartphone devices.

Shuttleworth said more services and software available through and in connection with the Ubuntu Software Center will see rapid advancement in the next few years. He explained, "In an internet-oriented world, we need to be able to release something every day." The main advantage for Ubuntu would be the possibility of keeping excitement up during what is considered the developmental cycles, when larger Websites and publications concentrate on other distributions and topics. For users, a decreased wait for significant and minor application updates as well as the opportunity to break the six-month reinstall or risky upgrade cycle. More significantly, embedded device manufactures using Ubuntu send out updates to their systems regularly and this would help Canonical accommodate those services.

A move of this nature would essentially change the whole philosophy and operating procedures as Ubuntu moves to a rolling release. It does mean a bit more work for developers as they have to make sure their packages are user-ready more often. In addition, Ubuntu would still have to periodically release updated ISOs for those in need of a new or fresh install.

But add up and the pluses and minuses, it means more value for Ubuntu users and partners.