Unitas Global, Other Cloud Service Providers Embrace OpenStack Liberty

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 16, 2016

The new release of OpenStack, Liberty, is being welcomed by more and more cloud service providers, who are calling it more mature than previous releases. Unitas Global, for example, has announced the availability of its newest Enterprise Cloud service built on OpenStack Liberty. "OpenStack's 12th release represents a significant milestone in terms of technical maturity and enables even more enterprises to make the move to open, hybrid cloud computing environments," says Grant Kirkwood, Founder & CTO of Unitas Global.

Among the improvements in the Liberty release are finer-grained management controls, performance enhancements for large deployments and more powerful tools for managing new technologies like containers in production environments. New capabilities like common library adoption and better configuration management have been added in direct response to the requests of OpenStack cloud operators. 

We've covered some of the other companies adopting the Liberty release here.

"This release further supports the company's mission of providing fully-managed and hosted cloud services to enterprise organizations looking to take advantage of open source hybrid cloud computing without traditional vendor lock-in and the challenges associated with building and operating production-grade cloud environments," said Unitas Global officials.

Cloud adoption will continue to soar amongst enterprises as they look to meet growing needs for greater agility, scale and intelligence, with over half deploying hybrid solutions by 2017, according to Gartner. However, common challenges such as lack of necessary implementation, monitoring and management tools or resources, security and compliance concerns inhibit these critical migrations in both new companies and experienced outsourcers alike. Similarly, while recent reports from both Gartner and Forrester endorse OpenStack adoption, one Forrester report stating its "viability and presence in the market irrefutable," the software must still be combined with numerous other components including the data center, network, compute, storage, operations and management to obtain a production-grade private or hybrid cloud necessary to support enterprises globally. 

If you are interested in learning more about Unitas Global and its latest Enterprise Cloud solution built on OpenStack Liberty, please visit www.unitasglobal.com/solution-openstack.