Data Shows Cloud Skills are in Much Demand, But There is a Shortage

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 21, 2016

CEB, a company focused on best practices in technology, has provided Forbes with the results of a database dive on cloud computing hiring trends. It finds that there are still shortages in expertise surrounding many cloud computing platforms, but it also shows a strong job market for professionals who have skills. In fact, $124,300 is the median advertised salary for cloud computing professionals in 2016, according to the database, and areas like Seattle are in much need of cloud professionals.

The database search also found that EMC, Amazon and Oracle have advertised for the most cloud professionals in recent months. Cloud computing was a key drive of earnings in Oracle's most recent quarterly report.

According to ESG research, 75% of organizations are currently using public cloud services. But there is still a skills shortage.

According to a LinkedIn report on the 25 Skills That Could Get You Hired in 2016, cloud and distributed computing ranked as the most in-demand skill globally last year.  LinkedIn has a 19-page report available on Slideshare that breaks down the most in-demand job market skills by country.

We've noted before that people with OpenStack skills, in particular, are doing well in the job market.  For more on some of the training and certification programs focused on OpenStack, check this post.

The OpenStack Foundation has also launched a Training Marketplace designed to make it easier to discover training courses offered by providers in the OpenStack community.  “The goal of the Foundation is to eliminate barriers to OpenStack adoption, create more OpenStack experts and ensure that OpenStack has a positive impact on the careers of our community members,” said Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, in a statement. “We want to grow the community, accelerate the availability of training programs worldwide and help close the OpenStack job gap."