Year of Linux, Steam on PS4, Linux in Space

by Ostatic Staff - May. 24, 2016

Today in Linux news Linus Torvalds declared the end to "Year of Linux desktop" jokes as loosely Linux-based Chromebooks outsell Macs. The big news over the weekend was of clever hackers who installed Arch then Steam on his PlayStation 4. Mageia extended their version 6 artwork contest deadline and the GIMP project put out the call for upcoming version 2.10 documentation update. Dimstar has the latest on Tumbleweed and Lunduke listed 10 more fun things to do in a terminal.

Everyone seems quite excited over some news of Chromebooks outselling Macs for the first time. Linus counts this as a win for Linux saying recently, 'Hey, either Macs don't count much on the desktop, or we may have to finally lay the "year of the Linux desktop" joke to rest.' In a comment later he said maybe he should have said, "It's happening," I suppose he means the year of the Linux desktop.

The other bit that had folks' hearts all aflutter was fail0verflow's success at installing Arch Linux on his PlayStation 4 so he could run Steam games, fairly well too. Dozens of sites carried the news. PlayStation LifeStyle is is reporting the team is working on hacking SteamOS onto the gaming console as well.

The Mageia project have extended the deadline for artwork submission for upcoming version 6. There are 130 submissions so far but Donald Stewart wrote there are many others expected. The deadline has been extended a week and will close May 30, 2016. Be forewarned, there's some stiff competition over there.

In other news:

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* Call for GIMP 2.10 Documentation Update

* 10 more pointless (but awesome) Linux terminal tricks

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* The tech astronauts use on the ISS