Analysis Of The Sacrifice Of Isaac Moody Old Testament Assignment

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Assignment 3-1 Narrative Analysis of the Sacrifice of Isaac
Luis Gregory
BI 1103 Reading the Old Testament -4
November 2, 2018
Assignment 3-1 Narrative Analysis of the Sacrifice of Isaac
One of the most talked about stories of the Bible. A true test of faith any human can experience. While studying this chapter, I can see how the author uses various elements to narrate this heartbreaking story. We see suspense, details, emotional perspective, and even an explosive beginning.
God tested Abraham…, we see that information being revealed in the beginning of the chapter.[footnoteRef:1] The author also reveals to us the motive of God right before the dramatic part takes place. The motive being a test,[footnoteRef:2] not that God did not know that Abraham was going to pass the test. It was a test to reveal faith. The story goes on to say that God calls on to Abraham and Abraham responded with “Here I am”. This to me shows how much respect he has for God, he was ready to obey. [1: Jan Fokkelman, Reading Biblical Narrative: An Introductory Guide, (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox, 1999), 124. ] [2: Ibid., 124. ]
The author now goes on to disclose the reason as to why God was calling on Abraham. He wants Abraham to offer his son, his only son in a burnt offering. He repeats[footnoteRef:3] “son” to Abraham to state facts. He was not just his son, but his only son. We know that Abraham had another son with Hagar by the name of Ishmael, but the author wants to let us know that Isaac was Abraham only son as far as God’s covenant is concern. [3: Ibid., 112.]
In the first couple of verses a great level of knowledge about the story has been revealed by the author.[footnoteRef:4] He has laid out the foundation as to what Chapter 22 is about. [4: Ibid., 130.]
Now the author moves on to provide us with details of location, time, and detail to carry on the task assigned to Abraham.[footnoteRef:5] He start by telling us where God has sent Abraham to carry the task he was instructed to do. He was directed to the land of Moriah to a mountain that God will tell him. The author is telling us how God has carefully planed out each detail of this drama. He tells us the time when Abraham got up and what time of the day it was also. The author by doing this showed us that Abraham was not fighting God. The author did not tell us if Abraham experience a sleepless night or if he was at peace with Gods’ instruction. One can only assume that the latter did not take place. [5: Ibid., 99-100.]
He is showing us in the story so far, the obedience of Abraham towards God. Abraham may have not understood why this was taking place, after all God did promise him a son. This obedience shows the trust that Abraham had towards his Creator.
After making preparation, like cutting of the wood, gathering his servants, his donkey, and his son; he went on a 3-day journey to the mountain that God had showed him. We do know that Abraham arrived in Moriah, but the author does ...


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