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Do Cultures Influence Classes? Essay

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In the passage "Working Class Culture" by Joanna Kadi from Thinking Class: Sketches from a Cultural Worker, it is about the relationship between cultures and classes. As the main conclusion of this passage is "Class needs to be recognized as contributing forces around cultural environments", the author is trying to define cultures and classes in the passage as a whole, however, I barely seen any relevant points that like me and most of the people would like to figure out from. Her argument is so weak and saying that working class people don't have culture and rich people have culture are her concepts. And the following I would like to point out and criticize how the author violates the ...view middle of the document...

And also says that what she learned of the dominant beliefs are "Rich people have culture, poor people don't."When the author talks about arts painting, it is not true that we can distinguish arts for different kinds of group. For example, It is vague and too narrow to say that the poor white people is called traditional and art by poor people of color is described as ethnic of art. It is vague because I can't see any standing points on it and the author has lack of evidence to support and explain why they are having such categories by saying working class people of their arts are just arts but rich people arts are being praised by people even if the arts are considered as awful. It is kind of discriminatory against and violates a little bit the fallacy of personal attack to the working class people in addition to talk about the profit-oriented and the capitalism with providing limited edition from rich people arts. And the hasty generalization on the sentence "Working class people don't have culture and rich people have culture. It doesn't provide enough evidence to prove but is contradictory herself because as the author says her Aunt is always look for the group participation in the debke lesson, in fact, it is part of the culture that they are attending to.Personally speaking, cultures can be described in many ways, different countries have different cultures. And it depends on what kinds of cultures would be in the extent to influence different classes as well as different kinds of people. Culture is defined as the meaning of dance, music, drama, literature and even fine arts. They are in different forms that are also important to the human and social class specifically to talk about dancing like the passage mentions about ballet and debke. They are considered the same because they are just dance, but the author is kind of discrimination against the working class people by saying that only rich people can participate in ballet while working class poor are just can look for group participation in the debke lesson or even two steps dance. It is...

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