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Last Friday, the 8th of March was international women?s day. Now could everyone here who is a feminist please put up there hands?right up high?.right. Just as I though. Now I know I?m certainly not a feminist?but the speakers at the women?s day breakfast I attended really got me thinking about why I wasn?t.I know two feminists? they are both male. There is I think you would agree a certain stigma associated the word feminist. I know I believed that feminism was the only thing that was preventing woman from being seen as equals. That those whining, man-hating feminists were separating humans into two classes; male and female. I thought that feminism had become redundant, and that it was no longer an issue?but the more I thought about it, the more I could see that I was wrong.In some places overseas, women are still seen as second class citizens. In Indonesia, 80% of ...view middle of the document...

For example, in the labor party and on university boards, they are required to appoint a certain number of women in the name of ?equality?? in order to make the numbers look good. Well I say this is not equality. This means that women are being appointed not out of their own merit, but in order to fill up a quota. This is not what we want? because this treats women like a minority group, and not like equals who should be competing on level ground with men. We know we are capable of getting there without special consideration, so now we must prove it.So I think its time we started a new movement?EQUALATISM? Let it be known that we want equality of the sexes ? this means that yes, more women should be in politics and management but more women should collect rubbish and fix cars?it also means that more men should be in childcare, cooking and cleaning. We are part of the human race? let us free ourselves from the binds of gender? let us stop seeing women as a minority group that needs special help to gain positions in certain area. Let us create a world where we are appointed on our own merit?because we ARE the best, and everyone KNOWS we are the best?.not because they had to appoint another women because of legislation or to make the numbers look good. Being female is not an excuse?we are not inferior or handicapped so why should there be special positions for us? So, in conclusion, I believe that the time has come for a new movement?a movement for equality. Let us seek the balance so that we can live in a world where all members of the human race are treated equally. Women don?t need extra help?we can get there on our own. Let us be appointed because we deserve to be? And when that happens, then our job will be done. Declare yourself an EQUALATIST and fight for the equality of the sexes?not in ratios but in how we are treated and chosen. ?Equality would be a heaven, if we could attain it.? And let us try!

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