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It does seem so odd that the only boyWho would not change, now brings me so much joyWith eyes I can get lost in for hoursI knew that he had some sort of powersHis "oh so" strong jaw bones and wavy hairHe made it impossible not to careHis faith close to heart, he carries alongHe has ended up making me so strongGlancing at me sharply with that same lookThere he goes, a ...view middle of the document...

I had been his at first glanceWith his holey jeans and his cowboy bootsHe has a background of strong country rootsNothing about him is to be called modAnd shoulders he has are so very broadA blessing sent to me once in disguiseOne heartfelt option has opened my eyesThis love we obtain has no end or fearsThrough good and bad I shed my share of tearsOn knees and elbows he said he would crawlAcross the sea or over the great wallWhatever the barrier, we will lastWe are about the future not the pastAs far as his features, nothing he lacksAnd hunting he does, while following tracksOn the diamond his face never budgesBut games lost, he accounts for his grudgesHis hand so perfectly contours to mineThe same way a vineyard cradles the vineGod has a reason why our paths crossedSimply to love with no price tag or costAnd when I see him my heart skips a beatForever with him will be like a treatOne person knows what our future will holdAnd only He could ever be so boldWe will always be together you'll seeI know God has a plan for him and me


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514 words - 3 pages please you sit and look at her"- (we later find out it is a messenger from the father of his next bride-to-be.) As there are few endstopped lines, so much caesura, and asides and abbreviations- "'twas"- it sounds like informal prose. The poem is made up of rhyming couplets, but these aren't noticed while read; mirroring the duke's hidden power and control need. It is in iambic pentameter, and the inflexible form reflects the nature of the duke; rigid and inflexible.

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1231 words - 5 pages ultimate gesture of love for that person. In the first two stanzas, Parker sets up the reader to believe that the poem will be a conventionally romantic one and uses words such as “tenderly”, “pure” and “amulet” to create a romantic imagery which portrays the narrator’s fascination for “One Perfect Rose” (4). In addition, Parker uses traditional poetic devices such as rhyming couplets (“met…chose…wet…rose”), iambic pentameter, and Shakespeare’s

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981 words - 4 pages Running head: SHALL I COMPARE THEE? 1 HUMANITIES 2 Shall I Compare Thee? Karissa Caton Western Governors University August 30, 2018 Shall I Compare Thee? When I first read the poem, Shall I Compare Thee to A Summer’s Day, I thought William Shakespeare was comparing a woman’s beauty to the heat of a summer day. My initial time reading the poem I struggled understanding what the author was trying to relay to us. Part of the reason I had a hard

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892 words - 4 pages Free fourteen-lined poem with iambic pentameter and rhyming couplets. The use of rhyming couplets was also used in the Tempest frequently. This style of writing was often spoken by the higher class; even Caliban who was considered of the lowest class had lines like this. Shakespeare himself wrote many plays of his with rhyming couplets and throughout his career, he experimented with poetic forms, and he does this with rhyme as much as he does with blank

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2047 words - 9 pages language does not, in my opinion, simplify the message nor intent of the poem. The opening stanza is highly descriptive in its nature appealing to our sense of visualization. The language upon which the images are built upon has been described as "more monosyllabic…than most of what he wrote" and it cannot be denied that lines such as "With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run" in their monosyllabic wording and regular iambic

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1428 words - 6 pages abstract actions and concepts to physical, real, concrete things, in many different ways. Using iambic pentameter, and a unique rhyme scheme, and some devices of figurative language, Keats' sets up a melodic, beautifully flowing poem which well serves the purpose he gives it. Truly, abstract images and notions are seamlessly, subtly connected to the physical world around them.

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996 words - 4 pages quatrains and a use of iambic pentameter. Throughout the sonnet there is use of imagery, for example "It is the star" emphasising that love will guide you. Through the duration of the sonnet love being permanent is exaggerated greatly. Shakespeare emphases how true love always preserves, despite any obstacles that may arise, "Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks". Inferring from this we can tell he is trying to get across that even if the

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1479 words - 6 pages undergone by both protagonists – in turn, both highlighting physical loss that both had endured. Another example of Owen emphasising physical loss in ‘Disabled' is in lines 19-21. These lines describe the pain of his injuries – focusing on the discomfort they bring to him – and are written in iambic pentameter. The rhythm of the iambic pentameter elevates what is being described, which emphasises the gravity of his physical injuries, and the loss

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1630 words - 7 pages second to the third stanza. The grace that results from adapting the spoken language of ordinary usage into an elevated lyricism is the product partly of using rhyming couplets and partly of the use of iambic pentameter – although Larkin is deliberately adaptable with this. For example, the rhythm at the start of the poem emphasizes the idea that the rest of the poem goes on to explore. As is typical of Larkin’s poetry, the whole poem displays

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674 words - 3 pages Free structures to create an atypical structure to present—what should be—an atypical event. Similarly to Yeats’s use of structure to affect the poems atypical nature, Yeats also uses structure to draw attention to the explosive use of emotion and power. This poem is written in iambic pentameter—although loosely—which supplies the feeling of a strong steady pulsating beat that makes the reader feel the steady control and power the swan, Zeus, holds

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697 words - 3 pages Luvinder Nijjer February 25, 2019 Intro to Lit Professor B. Nelson The Flea Explication John Donne's The Flea is a poem full of beautiful pictures and word play. The poem alternates between the pentameter and the tetrameter of the iambic. In each stanza, the rhyming scheme is regular and similar to the final line rhyming with the final couplet: AABBCCDD. Donne portrays a flea in an erotic way that gives it a person what every man wants; sex

Similarities And Differences Between William Shakespeare’S “Sonnet 55” And Robert Herrick’S “To The Virgins To Make Much Of Time”

745 words - 3 pages time everything else lasts: "Not marble, nor the gilded monuments / Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme" (1-2). Shakespeare ties imagery of objects such as monuments and statues to being effected by time while art is not. Herrick uses the motif of time in his poem as well. He uses it to show how little time there is in life. He does this with imagery of blooming and dying flowers and the sun rising and setting. Time is also personified in

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2254 words - 10 pages one: “The gaps I mean” (9), “I let my neighbor know” (12), “I tell him” (25). Furthermore, the poem is structured as one large blank verse verse paragraph. This inspires the image of the speaker as a man passionately voicing his opinion as one singular idea that, maybe, mending the wall has little use. However, the constant iambic pentameter of the poem both furthers the conversational tone, as it is the most common of metrical structures, and

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981 words - 4 pages Woods on a Snowy Evening” you get the sense of happiness and peacefulness. This poem talks about taking a break from your everyday life and enjoying the scenery. The poem consists of four almost identical constructed stanzas. Each line is iambic, with four stressed syllables. Within the four lines of each stanza, the first, second, and fourth lines rhyme. The third line does not, but it sets the rhyme scheme for the next stanza. For example, in the

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4265 words - 18 pages hired man” · Blank verse—unrhymed iambic pentameter · Precise, conversational, simple diction—experiments with cadence of vernacular speech (sound of sense) · Blended sonnet · Personification · Pathetic fallacy/anthropomorphism · Uses rhyme, but with no set structure · Ambiguity (usually speaker’s voice) · Juxtaposition of nature/mankind, natural/man-made forms · Dialogue—“Mending wall” · Allusions—historical (Cortez, Balboa, Columbus—explorers