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Despite both descending from Islam and Christianity are two religions that are very different. "It is difficult to compare Christianity to any other religion because there is such a wide range of beliefs and practices among various wings of Christianity: Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox churches, the Anglican Communion and the tens of thousands of Protestant faith groups" (Religious Tolerance). Despite the fact that they are two different religions, scared scriptures and Cosmogony will be compared and contrasted between the two.When looking at similarities of both religions, both use sacred scriptures. Islam's sacred scripture is called the Qur'an. "The Qur'an is literally the word of ...view middle of the document...

The scriptures also discuss the concept of Satan. Both aim for the same goals, which are ultimately rewarded in heaven. If a person lives his life according to the Sacred Scriptures, then the person will go to heaven.While there are many similarities, there are also many differences. Christians believe in the Trinity, which is a concept that describes God as the Father, God as the Son, and God as the Holy Spirit. Even though there is one God, he can work through these three identities. This concept does not exist in the Qur'an. "Islam rejects the concept of the Trinity. The Koran misrepresents the teaching of Christianity regarding the Godhead, claiming Christians believe in 'three Gods' - Father, Mother, and Son" (Diana Dew). Another difference between the scriptures is the concept of how one is saved. In each scripture, there are specific ways a person must follow in order to achieve life in heaven. According to the Bible, a person will be saved if a person repents their sins and recognize Jesus as savior. If this is done and a person lives the best life possible, a person will be saved. For a Muslim to be saved, one needs to follow something known as "the five pillars of Islam." The five pillars include praying five times a day, fasting during Ramadhan, making a pilgrimage to Mecca, the paying of aims, and the order of the Hajj.The cosmogony is another characteristic of these two religions and has both similarities and differences. Both religions, believe that God created the universe out of nothing. Christians view the creation as a 6 day event. According to the Bible, day one the heavens and earth were created. On day two the skies were created, on day three the land and vegetation were created. On day four the stars, sun and moon were created. On day five God created animals, and on day six God created man. After completing these tasks, God rested on the seventh day and declared that day holy. The first man was named Adam and the first woman was named Eve for Islam. The world was created by one word and that was God. The creation did not take multiple days - it just appeared. Adam was then created from clay.The difference in Cosmogony between the two is the Islamic view. There are several different levels to hell in which each level differs in the level of punishment. The highest is the least painful and the lowest is the worst. Muslims that have been sent to the highest level will eventually be saved by God, but the non-believers are forever damned to hell. The Christian view is that hell is one place without levels, and those that go there are forever severed from God without any hope to be saved. Heaven is a much better place according to both religious scriptures. The Bible describes the streets as being made of gold and describes satisfied. Aside from this description of what heaven looks like, the Bible does not say what a person would do once they are in heaven. To Christians there is only one level and to Muslims there are seven...

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