The Hunger Games Real World Effects Avc Essay

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Tommy Smith
Professor Farrukh
English 100A
13 November 2018
Peeta and Katniss: Celebrity Status
Katniss and Peeta are partners who act like a couple in the games. Haymitch had an idea to tell Peeta and Katniss to act like they’re a couple for the game, in order to get sponsored. In the Games they act like a couple. Katniss and Peeta kiss in the game to show the Capitol, Peeta interview talks about how he likes Katniss. Peeta and Katniss kiss in the Games to show the Capitol they’re in “love”. Peeta has feelings for katniss and wants them to be in a real relationship. In the Capitol they show how they cut people's tongues out and withhold them. To the other Capital become they came starve and how Haymitch like to drink he is not happy because of the capitol they punishment has become the game they kill his family and girlfriend his won of the game president snow told you have to train the district 12 just not care about them. The capitol like to watch the game to see people how they die i enjoy watch people died. The thesis statement is Celebrity Status about katniss and peeta they prevent to acting like a coupe for the game to get sponsored for them so they, could survive the game to make the capitol make mad.
The Capitol Punishment people by kill them cold blood in front of people and also make them, and a...


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