Apcera is Integrating Kubernetes into its Cloud Platform
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Apcera is Integrating Kubernetes into its Cloud Platform
by Sam Dean - Mar. 30, 2016Comments (0)
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Apcera has remained among the more interesting companies differentiating themselves in the cloud computing space, as we explored in our recent interview with Apcera SVP of Product and Engineering Neeraj Gupta (shown here). Now, Apcera has announced it will extend its platform to support Kubernetes, which recently moved under the direction of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The company also announced that Apcera founder and CEO, Derek Collison, has joined the governing board for CNCF. With the added support for Kubernetes, Apcera is expanding its open source portfolio to include over a dozen projects, including the cloud-native enterprise messaging systems NATS. Here are more details.Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration technology that facilitates the management of containers as a single system. We covered its Google origin here."Apcera, the world's leading trust-first platform, allows customers to securely move to any cloud, and deploy, orchestrate and govern the widest range of workloads on any infrastructure -- including on-premises," said Derek Collison, Apcera founder and CEO. "Customers and developers are rapidly aligning behind Kubernetes as their API of choice when deploying container-based workloads. With its fast-growing ecosystem and strong market momentum, this was the obvious direction for us to take." "We believe delivering trust to the cloud is critical, and Apcera has deep and proven expertise in this area," said Kelsey Hightower, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform. "We welcome their support of Kubernetes and future participation in the project." With Kubernetes support, Apcera is focused on more than a dozen open source projects including NATS (www.nats.io), a cloud native enterprise messaging system, Kurma (www.kurma.io), a container runtime with extensibility and flexibility, and Libretto (https://github.com/apcera/libretto), a virtual machine provisioning library for public and private clouds.The CNCF, an industry consortium, is focused on creating and driving the adoption of a new set of common container and cloud-native technologies. Apcera will actively contribute to Kubernetes as well as other projects that come under the CNCF banner.  In our interview with Neeraj Gupta, he discussed some of the open source projects that Apcera is concentrating on:"We are strong proponents of open source and have open sourced some of our products and key components. One notable open source product from Apcera is NATS (http://www.nats.io), our high-performance, simple and scalable cloud native message bus that powers some of the largest cloud platforms in production today. Not only is the product completely open source, but we also open sourced the website and documentation itself. Another notable open source product from Apcera is Kurma (https://github.com/apcera/kurma/), a next generation execution environment for a containerized host. Kurma is built on the notion that everything is a container. It is an operating system that allows containers to be managed and orchestrated by other processes."The whole interview with Neeraj is worth reading, found here. 
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