GNOME 3.10 to Bring New Features
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GNOME 3.10 to Bring New Features
by Susan Linton - May. 30, 2013Comments (5)
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GNOME 3.10 is expected in September and some of its newest features are beginning to appear in the 3.9 development branch. Version 3.9.2 is expected this week and Matthias Clasen takes us on a little tour. First up is GNOME Music. The "geekiest Ogre alive" has been blogging of the progress of GNOME music for that last several months with the latest one last month saying developers have reached the end of phase one in development. Seif Lotfy said, "We can now browse our albums, artists and songs (no playlists yet) and play them." Clausen said of it, "it looks fresh and promising. And it plays my music already."    Another new app making its debut is GNOME Maps. As it sounds, it's a map viewer that Clasen says, "does not do much yet beyond loading maps and showing me my location. But that will soon change."    Another potentially handy app was previewed in GNOME 3.8. Bijiben is a note-taking application on steriods. "For 3.10, it will be much more feature-complete, data exchange with tomboy and online accounts is planned."    Some other planned features are: * Gitg is a git repository viewer, recently rewritten in vala. * Totem is also getting a face-lift as well as many common GNOME GUI elements * "The GNOME shell status area may be getting a design update" * Automatic Extension Updates * Flickr support in Photos * Better Wayland support * Integration of Zimbra into GNOME
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by an anonymous user on Jun. 01, 2013One think I don't like about gnome is that I always have trouble with the keyring. It's such a hassle and it's always been that way and will probably never change. Thumbs down on Gnome.
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by an anonymous user on Jun. 02, 2013To disable the key ring, open up the keyring manger add another keyring, when prompted for the password just press enter on both prompts, then delete the active one.
Make sure you set then new one as the default.
If the keyring dose pop up then just press enter.
You will have to enter your wireless password once again and any other passwords you may
use the new keyring will only ask once and never again
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by an anonymous user on Jun. 03, 2013Why should I care about applications that are not directly related to the desktop environment? Seems to me that there are plenty of other best-of-breed applications already out there for music, maps, and note-taking. Why stray from building the best possible desktop environment by spending finite resources on these?
Please, Gnome Team Manager(s), keep focused on what makes Gnome great.
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by an anonymous user on Jun. 05, 2013Will the ability to "Center/Scale/Fill/Zoom" be brought back to the Desktop-Backgrouney ocnly cond-Appearance section? it sucks that it's been removed. Some pictures aren't HD and don't come in 1280 x "whatever" resolution. They only come in small sizes that would look excellent if only they could be "Tiled" across the entire desktop. EWon't SOMEONE bring that feature back? (Sigh!)
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by A Supporter on Jun. 05, 2013uppercut to KDE lol... how will they respond I wonder...
hey! I love you guys.... I think what youre doing is FANTASTIC! Id LOVE to see that "ONE DE to rule them all" concept.. Tablet, Phone, Desktop.. whatever it is... and Gnome has been the closest thing as far as pulling it off goes..
I've loved Gnome 3 even in the initial releases : ) and the newer slickness makes me love it even more. Keep going guys!
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