OpenMandriva Honing in on Logo
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OpenMandriva Honing in on Logo
by Susan Linton - Feb. 26, 2013Comments (2)
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Last month OpenMandriva announced a contest to solicit community contributed logo proposals. The entry deadline has come and gone and the next phase has begun. Once verification is complete, public voting commences. So, let's take a look at some of the proposals.The logo/icon above was submitted by Arvi Pingus on a black background. I like the callback to Mandriva with the golden yellow and the symbolism of the old legacy Mandriva and the new OpenMandriva arm and arm, or forever intertwined with each other. Yeah, this is one of my favorites.The following icon/logo from emanueleeeee in crisp lettering and pleasing neutral colors is tidy and attractive. This is bound to be a contender.  The next eyecatcher comes in hideous lemon yellow and lime green colors, but the penguin logo itself is cute as a button. In another option, Subperceptual depicts the penguin circle as an unlocked padlock, which is cute too. I love this one, if only it was in blue.  These more understated versions of the double star motif is also quite attractive and submitted in several variations. Of course, I prefer the blue, but even the pink isn't bad.  Well, these are my favorites. Go by and see the whole set because once the team makes sure they're all original and meet all their requirements it'll be time for the public vote.
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by an anonymous user on Feb. 27, 2013I like the blue and gray one - but the overlapping rounded rectangles look cheesy. There should be a straight vertical intersection between the grey and blue backgrounds - leave them rounded on their non-intersecting sides only. Would look cleaner and less like an obvious 'plop down another rounded rect' operation.
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by an anonymous user on Feb. 28, 2013You can't "hone in" on something. You can home in on something.
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