Wallen on KDE, Quiet Revolution, and Ryan Gordon on Gaming
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Wallen on KDE, Quiet Revolution, and Ryan Gordon on Gaming
by Susan Linton - Jun. 27, 2014Comments (2)
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Our top story on this Friday night is Andrew Smith's blog post titled Linux is the quiet revolution that will leave Microsoft eating dust. Next up, Jack Wallen is probably answering Jos Poortvliet's Where KDE is going in his post today on KDE. And finally today, Ryan "Icculus" Gordon speaks about the Linux gaming industry. Andrew Smith at The Conversation today said all kinds of good things about Linux, most we've heard before but it's still nice. Smith, who is associated with the Linux Professional Institute by disclosure, concludes, "Linux is free and much more pervasive than the average computer user might think. You can easily install Linux on any home computer, many tablets and even your own private supercomputer, so you should think about switching." How can you resist a title like Linux is the quiet revolution that will leave Microsoft eating dust? Jack Wallen raked KDE and its users over the coals today as he said KDE has done all this innovating last X number of years and yet hasn't actually gotten anywhere. "Stagnant" is the word he used. He said those of us who love KDE "fear change or cling to the idea that the only way to effectively interact with a PC is the age-old metaphor that includes a start menu, a task bar, and a system tray." Yikes, it's like he's got a crystal ball! Well, good news / bad news Wallen says, "KDE 4.13.1 is as rock solid as KDE has ever been, [but] preaching to the choir doesn't increase the choir." And finally today, GamingOnLinux scored another one today with their find of Ryan Gordon's presentation of gaming on Linux. They report he reminisces about his days at Loki and before (and since). Liam Dawe may not remember Gordon, but I certainly do. I remember when the name "Icculus" was revered almost as much as Linus Torvalds. Linux would have had a lot less gaming over the years if not for Icculus. In other gaming news, Linux User & Developer has a piece on Linux gaming too featuring interviews with SteamOS developers and a review of SteamOS 1.0 Alchemist. And bonus today:   Exploiting wildcards on Linux.
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by anonymouser on Jun. 28, 2014Man, Wallen is such a wanker.
first KDE is too cutting edge and not stable and now its not cutting edge and too stable.
some people are never happy and other are writers who have to write articles and are running out of ideas.
users want to use PROGRAMS, NOT DESKTOPS.
All they want from the desktop is to work and not get in the way.
they want to surf net, email, twitter, skype, edit home videos and DL pictures.
wallen wants change for change sake like GNOME 3 did, Unity and Metro as well. but he doesnt understand that joe user is NOT him or the readers of this blog.
they just want to access the browser and a few other programs they need like Gwenview or Digikam.
the only people who care about the OS are nerds, not the average user.
which is why there are soooo many people still using WinXP, it does what they want and theyre happy with it.
KDE has changed Frameworks, Plasma and other underlying components with an eye on the future but Wallen wants a new paradigm.
Thing is users dont want necessarily what he wants.
its nice for the navel gazer to tell us that KDE is as solid as its ever been... its been like that for some time now. nothing like being late to the party.
oh, by the way... LO looks EXACTLY like word processors of the past 20yrs?
Does that make you less productive?
Firefox still looks like every other browser and nothing has changed much in terms of earth shattering changes.
Does it make it less usable?
Skype on Linux still looks like garbage next to Windows version but does it make it any less usable when you are in full screen mode?
You may want a Unity like change but most users dont want LESS options, they want to work the way THEY want to work and the customability of KDE is its strenght.
A start button at the bottom? It takes 3secs to remove it. As for taskbars, its good for other OS or desktops but a crime on KDE?
Utter and total fail.
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by sith lowe on Jun. 30, 2014I was just testing KDE Plasma 5 Beta 3 this week so its funny to hear that something which is helping improve both their applications and the user experience is stale.
> is the age-old metaphor that includes a start menu, a task bar, and a system tray
So to hell with everyone who is happy with what they have, you HAVE to change?
We saw how well that has turned out for MS because tech writers somehow seem to believe that they represent what users want. Find me a better option that a task bar or STFU. And DO NOT make my life (and those of users) harder. Its despicable when UI specialists tell people "THIS is the right way to do and you should change because you will like it. We know better than you what you like."
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