Bodhi 3.1.1 Released, Fedora 21 EOL, Mint 17.3 Betas

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 19, 2015

Today the Bodhi project announced an unscheduled bug fix release primarily to address a usability issue as well as bring a few other updates to users. Fedora 21 is fast approaching its end of life and Clement Lefebvre announced some Mint 17.3 betas. Elsewhere, Red Hat released an update to their developer toolkit Software Collections and Bruce Byfield said we should go to "task-based" desktops.

Our top story tonight is the surprise update from the Bodhi Linux project, version 3.1.1, an update to 3.1.0 released last August. This unscheduled release was made to address "an issue where users were not always prompted automatically for wireless passwords when connecting to encrypted networks." This release also features all the package updates released since 3.1.0 and the addition of a web app launcher for Bodhi AppCenter. Current users need only run their updater and new users can download a fresh image through the Bodhi Download page.

Fedora 21 end of life was reiterated today over at Fedora Magazine. Users are urge to upgrade to Fedora 22 then 23 through DNF. As of December 1, 2015 Fedora 21 will no longer receive security or other updates.

Clement Lefebvre today announced the releases of development versions Mint 17.3 MATE and Cinnamon Betas. In 17.3 the Software Sources tool got some reliability and performance enhancements and the Update Manager now performs more safety checks. The Driver Manager was updated to refresh cache each check to assure the latest used and indicate if driver is Open Source or not. Each desktop (MATE, Cinnamon) got a lot of updates and enhancements as well. Mint 17.3 is due for release in December.

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