Debian 7.0 is Finally Here

by Ostatic Staff - May. 06, 2013

It's so rare to hear an announcement for a new Debian release that it's almost an occasion. This release brings nearly 13,000 new packages and even more updated. It's available in 13 architectures! Also, at no extra charge if you download right now, you will receive some of the best documentation in the business in your choice of language.

Debian 7 features Linux 3.2.41, Xorg X Server 1.12.4 (Xorg 7.7), GCC 4.7.2, KDE 4.8.4, and GNOME 3.4. Some of the software includes LibreOffice 3.5, GIMP 2.8, IceWeasel 10, Abiword, and Calligra. Some new features are the completed dependency-based booting (believed to save boot time), systemd preliminary support, improved multimedia support, hardened security, and increased cloud support. There were several tmpfs changes and users of that should read the release notes for full information.

The installer has been getting a lot of rewrites this last cycle and will present several key changes. Software speech support has been added for the visually impaired and UEFI support has been implemented. Secure Boot is still not supported but installs over a WPA-encrypted or IPv6-only networks are. ext4 is the new default filesystem, replacing ext3. Complete upgrade information is also available in the same release notes and it is recommended that all upgraders read it first.

Visit for download information.