Fedora 20 KDE, Baconless Ubuntu, and Witcher's Bad Spell

by Ostatic Staff - May. 23, 2014

It may look awesome according to Softpedia, but "something's funky" in the Fedora 20 KDE stack says Phoronix. Bryan Lunduke wonders what Ubuntu will be like without Jono Bacon. And in an update to last night's Witcher 2 Linux port report, gamers aren't pleased.

Fedora 20 repositories have recently been updated with KDE 5 components and, two prominent sites have reports. Softpedia.com says KDE Frameworks and Plasma Next packages landed in Rawhide with more to follow next week. There is a bootable ISO but according to Softpedia, it doesn't do much right now except "looks awesome." According to Michael Larabel at Phoronix.com, performance is taking a hit with the new Fedora 20 KDE 5 combination. It lagged behind production Fedora 20 in every category tested, although Larabel suspects it may have to do with the the kernel more than the interface.

Speaking of Phoronix.com, the same Michael Larabel is reporting that gamers are not happy with the Witcher 2 game for Linux released on Steam. Larabel says, "The Wicher 2's Linux port is basically using a wrapper layer for its Linux compatibility rather than being a full-blown, native Linux port. The Witcher's wrapper layer isn't Wine but uses eON by Virtual Prgramming." Most are upset about performance and stability. There are hundreds of comments in the various location, 80 in the Phoronix forums alone. In related news, Linux Game Publishing Has Disappeared, Again.

Bryan Lunduke writes today on the impact of Jono Bacon's departure from team Ubuntu. He states Bacon is probably responsible for Ubuntu's "significant market share" because he played very public cheerleader slash spin doctor. "With Jono's departure I wonder who Canonical will find to fill those shoes."