Fedora 21 Released, Work on 22 Already Begun

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 09, 2014

The top story today is the release of Fedora 21. Jamie Watson said it was worth the year-long development wait and it was so anticipated that Fedora infrastructure suffered a major service disruption. Servers were reported down today at 4:41 PM but all systems were a GO by 7:21 this evening. Adam Williamson also posted about the beginnings of work on version 22, so no rest for the weary.

Red Hat and Fedora today announced the release of Fedora 21, the first release separated into three variations: Fedora 21 Cloud, Fedora 21 Server, and Fedora 21 Workstation. Highlights of the workstation edition include steamlined system install, improved software installation, experimental Wayland support, and new DevAssistant for software developers. Download your copy for fresh installs at getfedora.org and see the wiki for upgrading and FedUp directions. The errata and documentation might be worth a look too.

Jamie Watson tested various versions of this release and said, "All of these will boot on either MBR (Legacy) or UEFI systems, and on UEFI they will boot with Secure Boot enabled or disabled, or of course with Legacy Boot enabled." He liked the installer that "very carefully and very clearly" walks the user through setup. He goes into a bit of detail of each desktop and concludes:

Five (and a half) different desktops, on five different laptops. No problems installing on any of them. Different applications and utilities on each one, and to a large degree different focus and purpose for each one. But with excellent repositories and good package management utilities, any one of them could be further configured and customized to fit whatever needs and preferences you might have. It has been worth the wait.

To Adam Williamson this is all "old hat, now." He and his "are already moving on to Fedora 22 planning – and, yes, testing." These preliminary steps include preparing wikis, nightly build and report pages, and plans to monitor the Tick-tock cadence discussion. Fedora 22 might see an alpha around March 10, 2015 and perhaps a beta on April 14. Fedora 22 Final is penciled in for May 19, 2015.

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