GNOME 3 Worst Linux Idea Yet

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 03, 2013

Those aren't my words. Linux Journal's Readers' Choice Awards 2013 found that GNOME 3 was the Best "Worst" Linux/Open Source Idea to come down the pike. Of course the other categories may be of interest as well. These include Best Distribution, Best Linux Tablet, and Best Linux Server Vendor.

Back under the topic of Best "Worst" idea, the readers chose Mir as close third with 17.8% of the vote. Ubuntu going it alone and just Ubuntu in General earned over 20% of the vote. Some other bad ideas include a LibreOffice fork, putting GNU in front of Linux, and creating a new distro instead of contributing (which came in second with 19.5%). GNOME 3 ended up with 19.9% of the vote.

Now Linux Journal had several "best distribution" categories. These are:

  • * Best Linux Distribution
  • * Best Distribution for Netbooks
  • * Best Mobile Linux OS
  • * Best Distribution for High-Performance Computing
  • * Best Desktop Distribution

Ubuntu took best distribution in the general Best Linux distro and Best Desktop distro with Mint and Arch doing well in both as well. Debian which took second in Best Linux won the Best for Netbooks/Limited Hardware as well as Best for High-Performance computing. Android took Best Mobile OS.

Samsung won the Best Linux Smartphone Manufacture by a wide margin as did Google Nexus in the Best Table category. IBM barely beat Dell for Best Linux Server Vender.

Those are the highlights. See Linux Journal's full write-up for all the gory details.