Help Name New Mandriva Community Distribution

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 05, 2012

Last week when Schulz posted his diagram of the general structure of the new Mandriva foundation, he used the name OpenMDV as a placeholder for the new community distribution. It sounded liked like a good name to me, I even liked the spelling. However, Schulz being the community minded sort he is, decided to put it to an open vote. So, now, you too can help pick the name of the new Mandriva community distribution.

Schulz said, "we have opened a poll that will let you pick the name of the future distribution (and its foundation). In the future, Mandriva as a brand name will remain the name of the company (Mandriva S.A.) but the community itself will have a different name and a different branding."

So, in the poll are names brainstormed at various meetings and mentions on mailing list and such. Some are almost silly, some are cool, and some sound just right. For example, Commundriva is just silly. I mean it does combine community and Mandriva, but it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Dracanea Linux? I get the drake part... Mana Linux? Huh? Mandala Linux? That one has a ring to it. Moondrake? I like it, but expect to see some drudging up of sorcery themes and wizardry. OpenDrake works too, but my favorite is OpenMandriva, abbreviated OpenMDV.   It seems to be some others' favorite as well as it is currently 11% ahead of its closest competitor Moondrake.  But it's still early.  The voting continues until July 12.

What do you think? See all the choices and vote at the Mandriva Blog.