Jaspersoft Releases New BI Software for Entrprise

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 12, 2010

Business intelligence software vendor Jaspersoft released a new version of its flagship software that's aimed squarely at enterprise. Jaspersoft 3.7 includes new management features to keep businesses in compliance with legal requirements, and supports Flash-based charts and maps to help users visualize data and information.

Jaspersoft 3.7 also includes support for multiple data source environments as well as certified support for analytic databases optimized for data warehousing. The version also touts better scalability and audit logging.

“The trend is clear: large-scale, sophisticated BI deployments are no longer limited to large organizations. Customers of all sizes are faced with substantial reporting and analysis challenges but have been traditionally constrained by budget," says Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft.

According to a recent report from analyst firm Gartner, Gentile is right. Although the technology behind commercial BI software may be slightly higher, "open-source is slowly becoming just another sourcing option for everyday BI requirements," and many companies are demonstrating a willingness to use it as a way to trim the bottom line.