Linus Bans RH Hacker, Calligra 2.8 Sweeet, and SUSE 12

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 03, 2014

In today's Linux news, Linus Torvalds banned a Red Hat kernel hacker for not fixing an ugly bug. says Calligra 2.8 is "too sweet for words alone." And Sam Varghese primes the pump for upcoming SUSE 12.

Yikes! Linus Torvalds has banned Red Hat kernel developer Kay Sievers "on Wednesday for failing to address an issue that caused systemd to interact with the Linux kernel in negative ways," says Network World reporter Jon Gold. Gold further explains, "the command line entry “debug” ran both the base kernel’s debugging routine and that of systemd, potentially flooding some systems." This has been bugging folks for years Linus said and he was tired of it!'s Jack Germain says "drop whatever collection of tools you use and put the Calligra Suite to the test." He says its modules "far exceed the reach of OpenOffice and LibreOffice." He gives Calligra a bit of a workout and concludes, "Calligra Suite is a solid offering that has grown considerably since branching out from its traditional KOffice roots. It has something for everyone. Its tools fills the needs of writers, artists, content designers and office workers."

And finally today,'s Sam Varghese briefs readers on the progress and features of upcoming SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, which recently got a beta release. Varghese says it will feature Linux 3.12, UEFI/Secure Boot support, and improved installer. It will come only in 64-bit and include a rollback system restore.