New KDE Media Center Inches Closer

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 01, 2013

A new media center for KDE 5 / Plasma 2 has been in the works for a while and today Sinny Kumari posted some tangible details. With the release of a new beta, users can try it out too. Of course, it has that "smartphone" look, but it still works as a desktop application. Plasma Media Center 1.1 Beta introduces several cool new features besides a ton of bug fixes.

In her blog post today, Kumari said, "The first release of the software received a lot of appreciation and feedback, some of which have been implemented in this release. If you find yourself using your computer (a laptop, a tablet, or a computer connected to a big display) for listening to music or watching your favorite videos and photos, you should definitely try PMC."

New features include:

  • * Complete keyboard/remote-like keys support
  • * Better keyboard navigation for All Music mode
  • * More details in playlist
  • * Youtube option to search for and watch videos from Youtube
  • * Ability to associate PMC with music and videos
  • * Drag and drop support for removing and rearranging media from playlist
  • * Playlist shuffling
  • * Dimming Videos when not viewed directly
  • * Places integrated into browsing flow

See Kumari's full post for more details, download spots, and installation instructions.