Raspberry Pi Sales Restrictions Are Lifted

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 16, 2012

As we've noted recently, when it comes to the top open source stories of 2012, it's clear that one of the biggest is the proliferation of tiny, inexpensive Linux-based computers at some of the smallest form factors ever seen. And, the diminutive, credit card-sized Raspberry Pi (shown at left), priced at $25 and $35, is one of the most widely followed of these miniature systems. Now, the folks behind Raspberry Pi have announced that strict sales restrictions on the devices have been lifted.

In a blog post, the Raspberry Pi team announced that restrictions that required purchasing only one device per customer have been lifted. The restrictions were in place because of very high demand for the low-cost systems. "Both of our manufacturing partners have been working at building capacity so you we can lift that limit," says the post, adding that 4,000 Raspberry Pis are being manufactured every day. 

You can order Raspberry Pi units here and here.  According to the announcement post:

"This is of special importance to those of you who are using the Raspberry Pi in your businesses, and to people looking to buy classroom sets for schools and universities. And if you’ve been waiting for the Raspberry Pi to be in general delivery before you order, now’s the time to get your order in; it helps us to plan the supply chain efficiently if we have a bit of visibility of what’s just down the road."

The educational market and the opportunity to put computers in the hands of children who couldn't previously afford them are points of focus at the Raspberry Pi project. With the sales restrictions limited, the opportunity is even greater to introduce these inexpensive Linux computers in schools.