31 Flavors of Linux

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 16, 2012

What do Bill Reynolds, Fabio Erculiani, and Clement Lefebvre have in common? They spearheaded new distributions that have become staples in Linux desktop computing. Beginning new projects is particularly difficult and not all who try succeed. So, that's why Todd Robinson might sound a little nuts with his newest experiment. He's going to attempt to create and release a complete Linux operating system each and every day for a whole month.

Todd Robinson, an Open Source entrepreneur and co-owner of Webpath Technologies and On-Disk.com, said, "I intend to demonstrate the huge advantages of using open source (shared knowledge) solutions in real-world situations by producing a complete desktop operating system each and every day during the month of August 2012." He dubs the new project "31 Flavors of Fun."

This experiment will compare development speed, costs, and required manpower to the proprietary Microsoft® Windows® development of recent Windows releases. It is not intended to compare features, discuss virual/malware issues, or anything outside of actual development aspects when comparing.

Additionally, I plan to highlight some of the many varieties of the Linux Desktop Computing solutions available.

Robinson has set up some hints as what we might expect. He says "a complete desktop operating system" can be defined as featuring:

1. a GUI driven desktop
2. network / Internet connection
3. a graphical package manager
4. ability to apply updates
5. fully Open Source development files

Some of Robinson's early ideas include a Work Release, which will be primarily a base desktop system; Office Release, with a concentration on office apps; and full and specialized releases. Downloads will be made available starting August 1 if all goes well. Robinson's experience and results are planned to be presented at the 2012 Ohio Linux Fest. In the meantime, there are social media options for discussion and suggestions. Links and full information can be found at the 31 Flavors Website.