TDF Celebrates 100 Extensions

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 01, 2011

Little over one month ago The Document Foundation announced their new online extension repository. At that time it had maybe a couple of dozen total extensions and templates, but now the number totals over 100.

A short note from Florian Effenberger expressed the projects pride and gratitude towards those who have been contributing. had a wide selection and many articles were devoted to the bounty. Today, LibreOffice is well on its way to closing the gap.

The extension site is easy to use because one can sort and search through the extensions. You can sort by LibreOffice version, or one of several criteria such as Highest Rated, Most Downloaded, or Newest. Extensions can also be filtered by category such as Language Tools or Writer-Extensions. And it doesn't require Javascript to function.

For example, Fixed values for Calc sounds like a handy little extension. It creates a menu item for inserting the current date or time into a selected cell. Oh wait, here's one that has several choices one can insert into Calc or Writer.

Here's one that seems to import and export to Google Docs and other services, some folks may need that. Oh cool, here's one that can create different kinds of barcodes.

Head on over the LibreOffice Extension Center and see if any can help boost your productivity (or fun).