The Mistake that is Upgrading to KDEPIM 4.6.0

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 05, 2011

Yes, I know it's a point-0 release and I know that just very recently developers were admitting there were still issues. But I saw several posts saying how well the latest packages were working and how fast Kmail 2 was, so I foolishly let Sabayon upgrade to KDEPIM 4.6.0. What a nightmare the last week has been.

I knew it was a mistake almost from the beginning. A migration tool opened and reported success. But I had to remake all my accounts and all my filters. But okay, I could have live with that.

But then the serious issues began. A few days ago Kontact hung and froze because of a Conflict resolution dialog box. Then when I restarted it, again all my accounts were gone as were my filters. But worse than that, so was my mail. The folder list was present, they were just empty. So after searching around the Internet for any kind of clue, I finally found a note somewhere and moved all the akonadi cache files. My mail returned - minus all received from that day. So, net loss: a full day of mail.

Then today I was using the Search function (Find messages). This is a common task for me, I need to search quite often. But Kmail2 (Kontact) crashed. This time all folder were lost too. Well, again I moved out all the akonadi cache files and they returned, and it appeared so did my mail. However upon close inspection, two very important folders - my WORK folders are corrupted. The message list seems complete, but clicking on the messages does nothing. It just shows the last message in the list. I've tried moving those cache files and running "Update folders" from the menu. I've even tried kmail-migrator, but it appears I'm out of luck.

I'd like to see if I could downgrade, but Sabayon has removed the older PIM from repositories. So, I guess I'm moving to a new distro tomorrow and risk losing everything else trying to use an older version. Yeah, I have a back-up from right before the upgrade, but that's a week or two's worth of mail - some of it important.

So, please, in the name of all that's holy, do NOT, please, DO NOT upgrade to KDEPIM 4.6.x.