Unused LibreOffice Code Expunged

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 10, 2012

The more code an application accumulates, the heavier it gets and the slower it performs usually. It's just basic physics of programming. Since years of neglect left lots of unused code in LibreOffice, contributors have been busy cleaning it up. The latest scan by Michael Meeks shows the efforts are really paying off.

Last summer the number of unused methods in LibreOffice were almost 5200. Through a conscious effort this number has been reduced to just over 2000. Meeks explains that sometimes when cleaning up one mess another becomes visible, and this is why his graph depicts increases as well as the decreases.

Meeks suggests helping to remove these unused methods is an easy way for someone to get involved with the LibreOffice project. A listing of methods is available, all you have to do is grep and delete. See Meeks' post for more details and some relevant links.