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Da Vinci, The virgin of the rocks
It is confraternity of the immaculate conception. Mary conceived without sex and free from all stain of original sin. Four figures occupied the most half of the picture plane. in the background, we can see the depiction of landscape which becomes a genre of painting. We can’t tell where they are. Da Vinci was trying to convey the illusion of the space. Moreover, all these figures’ gesture, poses and their interaction will lead viewers’ eyes to look this painting. Mary looks down to St. John and Christ, her hand points to angel. Angel points to St. John. Our eyes are led by da Vinci.
Da Vinci, Vitruvian Man
Da Vinci studied human and animal anatomy. He analyzed the effects of natural light on objects in space. Art as rational inquiry or scientific analysis. This painting was influenced by the writings of the Roman architecture, Vitruvius. He created an ideally proportional human figure that fits into circle and square at the same time solving the problem called squaring a circle. By changing the position of the man, he can fill the irreconcilable areas of a circle and a square. If geometry is the language the universe is written in, then this sketch seems to say we can exist within all its elements. In this one sketch, Leonardo was able to combine the mathematics, religion, philosophy, architecture and artistic skill.
Da Vinci, The last supper
It is created in Refectory which is the cafeteria for monks. All apostles are in group of three. Christ is placed in the center of the table. Judas sits near by Christ. Da Vinci emphasis the different emotion and feeling through their gestures and poses. He is showing individual manners. Artist utilized linear perspective to depict the whole scene. Jesus function as the vanishing point which also show his symbolic importance. Symmetrical composition created by group of three. Banners and domes also symmetrical. Moreover, Jesus was placed in front of the largest window which can be considered as halo.
Da Vinci, Mona Lisa
It is oil paint. Artist utilized three quarter view to paint the portrait showing more personality. Patron of this painting should be a mercantile class since Lisa is the wife of a wealthy merchant. Her fine clothing suggests her wealth. It may be a celebration of the birth of a child. In this painting, Da Vinci demonstrate naturalism anatomy. He uses sfumato which means to obscure the hard outlines around the figure that tends to flatten them.
Raphael, The School of Athens
It is in the room called Stanza della Segnatura which is the place where Pope lived.
The four frescos lie on the room meant to represent the four branches of knowledge; a unique moment of history because you can see theology in classical learning emphasis by these two schools’ thoughts, Aristotle and Plato. You see this been united with teaching of a church. Raphael employed linear perspective as not only a compositional tool also for its symbolic importance. We see Aristotle and Plato...

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