Atomic Bomb Primary Source Analysis History 101 Primary Source Analysis

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History 101
14 March 2018
Primary Source Analysis
1. The name of the document is a Memorandum from the Office of Scientific Research and Development, to Secretary of War. This document was written by Vannevar Bush and James B. Conant. Vannevar Bush headed the U.S Office of Scientific Research during World War 2. James B. Conant took part in the National Defense Research Committee who aided in developing the first atomic bombs. This document was written on September 30, 1944.
2. My primary source focuses on the future international handling of atomic bombs to obtain future peace of this world. The purpose of this document was to showcase the new discovery of a new potential bomb that is far deadlier than any current bomb and suggests that it’s of great importance to further this development to bring World War 2 to an end. The atomic bombs would contain 10,000 tons of explosives, 10 times greater than the B-29 bombs which clocked in at 1,000 tons of explosives. The document was written with the intent of wanting to develop a weapon to end the war with the advantage they have over the Axis Powers. Considering the date this document was written, the people who wrote this document has this feeling that this new potential weapon could bring about peace between both sides. By developing a weapon that the Axis have yet to discover, it would ultimately strike fear into them. Th...


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426 words - 2 pages appropriate legislation”. Before the Fifteenth Amendment was a cause from Congress to passing the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This also extended the federal authority to protect voting rights of minorities and allowed the Fifteenth Amendment to come into effect. Work Cited Congress, U.S. "The Fifteenth Amendment." The Constitution and Supreme Court, Primary Source Media, 1999. American Journey. U.S. History in Context, Accessed 17 Apr. 2019.

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569 words - 3 pages writer of this story had a target audience who was most likely Muslim. [2: Sindbad The Sailor p.164 ] Although Sindbad’s tale is fictional it showcases the lives of 9th century sailors, merchants, and upper classmen. Later versions of this same story have Egyptian influence and even later versions reflect Crusading and Mongol periods.[footnoteRef:3] Throughout history this story can play a role in helping historians to understand different aspects of life from the middle eastern part of the world. Things such as the economy, life style, and even a little bit of politics are depicted in these stories. [3: Rosenwein p. 159]

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1389 words - 6 pages nicknamed “Fat Man”. This attack instantly killed an additional 40,000 people. The dropping of the atomic bomb is one of the most controversial events in history. The actions of the United States remains very contentious and the misuse of their power and morality are still debated. Many historians have argued that the dropping of the atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were absolutely justifiable because it was necessary to end

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553 words - 3 pages The first source depicts citizens of France holding weapons and rioting. They are standing over deceased bodies and rubble. A woman is holding the tricolor insignia. The image represents the fall of the monarchy and France successfully becoming a republic. It demonstrates the rise of the third class and the brutal methods they used to achieve it. The image shows people from different character, such as a woman, a child and a well-dressed man

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431 words - 2 pages Free U.S. History: Truman and the Atomic Bomb DBQ Essay Mr. Lapierre/Mr. Lesser Name: Al-shareef Eyeadelrosiyhia Throughout American history there has been many turning points for our country. One of the most controversial ones was the decision made by U.S President Harry S. Truman to use atomic weapons on Japan. Many people believe that these actions were cruel and unnecessary, but there were others who thought that the actions were a smart military

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876 words - 4 pages their people. This analysis identifies the key factors used that made African citizenship. The five things that made the African government were unity of freedom, respect, commitment, equal rights and protection. The people of Africa believed everyone had the right to live their life freely, and the way they wanted. At that time in history the people of Africa were tired of being taken away as slaves to other countries. They sick of feeling like

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1328 words - 6 pages Wagner 3 Holden Wagner Prof. Rudnik ENGL. Comp. 101 2 Jan. 2019 “We Accept” Media Analysis “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can.” (A testament of Hope, King Jr.). This quote represents the problem that America faces today, but the problem never gets fixed. As a society we more times than not separate ourselves because of our differences, race, sexuality and religion. This hate not

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498 words - 2 pages Aaryn Cooper March 28, 2018 Literary Analysis In the novel, Maus Art Spiegelman uses art and history to show his audience that racism is a theme that resonates heavily in our lives. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary racism is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Race is something the reader sees when they first

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2837 words - 12 pages party had on his eventual arrest? Document Analysis - Read the excerpts of documents 1 - 4 provided. Answer the analysis questions that follow. Primary Source Document 1: Espionage and Sedition Acts (original documents here and here) Espionage Act - 1917 Section 3 Whoever, when the United States is at war, shall wilfully make or convey false reports or false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval

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949 words - 4 pages describing the elements of art and principles of design in this week's folder. The Elements of Art Line (straight, curved, angular, flowing, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, contour, thick, thin, implied etc.) Shape (what shapes are created and how) Light and Value (source, flat, strong, contrasting, even, values, emphasis, shadows) Color (primary, secondary, mixed, complimentary, warm, cool, decorative, values) Texture and Pattern (real, implied

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1637 words - 7 pages Cami 6 QUARTER III MUSEUM REPORT The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC March 9th, 2017 Eva Cami Mrs. DeGennaro AP Art History 8464-3 The Feast of Acheloüs by Rubens and Jan Breughel the Elder, 42½ x 64½ in, oil on wood, ca. 1615 Eva Cami AP Art History 8464-3 Mrs. DeGennaro 12 March 2018 Quarter III Museum Report Rubens is one of the most notable artists from the Baroque period, specifically known for being a master in Flemish Baroque paintings

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676 words - 3 pages “Chiraq” The film “Chiraq” represent the segregation of African American people. It shows black people have lack of opportunities because of their race. If they apply for a job they are less likely to get hired because of the way society portrays black people. America in general focuses a lot on your race. When filling out papers one of the questions include “What is your race”, before asking about the level of education. This is a little racist

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