Close Reading For Midsummer Nights Dream Lit 1000 Essay

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John Mendieta
Professor Walsh Gaynor
Lit 1000
27 February 2019
Journal MSND -Close Reading of Book and Play
Close reading of Midsummer Night’s Dream
The play in the beginning was confusing because the characters were widely dispersed thought the play, meaning that there were 3 entirely different world which were the fairies, craftsmen, and the Athenian youths, the play took part when the duke of Athens was about to marry Hippolyta who was a fairy. The play presented two couples with an overly dramatic passion for love. The father of Hermia wants her to marry Demetrius who is madly in love with her, but the problem is that Hermia does not want to marry him because she loves Lysander, Helena who is the friend of Hermia loves Demetrius but is rejected constantly throughout out the play
The story picks up when the craftsmen are planning to perform a play for the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta, this is a completely different world from the Athenian youths who are beautiful and sophisticated from the clumsy and ridiculous craftsmen. The craftsmen are planning to perform the play of Pyramus and Thisbe, the couple that committed suicide, their reenactment is comical because of their awkward and inexperience production, Thisbe is being played by guy, Bottom plays Pyramus because of his vanity not because he is handsome. The fact that the craftsmen play the characters is very comical because it also portrays the dramatic story of the Athenian youths.
Act 2 starts with the introduction of the fairies of the realm, their way of speaking is rhythmic. The fairies are full of fun and laughter as oppose to the dramatic love of the Athenian youths and the easy life style the fairies have as oppose to the hard-working craftsmen. King Oberon of the fairies and Queen Titania are having a feud over the custody of the little Indian boy, King Oberon wants the boy to be his knight but the Queen argues that she promised the deceased mother to take care of him. The conflict of Oberon and Titania has concerned the fairy realm because they thought that love is out of balance. The conflict of the Athenian lovers ends only by magic. The craftsmen do not feel any romantic confusion, except for Bottom who becomes involved in an accidental romance with Queen Titania.
Act 2 scene 2 Introduces a vital piece of the story which is the love potion, which Shakespeare expertly uses to explain the comic instances of love being out of balance. Oberon is interfering in the problems of humans and disrupts the love equilibrium. The love potion represents the reality that lovers will not face their dilemmas themselves, t...


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