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‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’
1. Hippolyta’s reasoning concerning how quickly the next four days will pass is different to Theseus because she believes the four days will quickly turn into four nights [which means she thinks her wedding will come soon]. Theseus on the other hand seems excited but thinks the days are passing too slowly, [Theseus states in ACT 1 scene 1 paragraph 1- “The old moon is taking too long to fade away”].
2. Egeus has brought forward his daughter and her two suitors to Theseus because he expects him to agree with his decision on Hermia marrying Demetrius and if she doesn’t she gets killed.
3. The proper role for women and daughters in Athenian society according to Egeus and Theseus is for women/daughters to be respectful to men/father. Theseus’s decision concerning Hermia is that she will either be a nun or be executed.
4. Lysander’s comment about Demetrius’s previous love affair with Helena complicates things because it shows that Demetrius is disloyal, which also worsens his reputation as Hermia’s lover.
5. Lysander and Hermia plan to flea in the night and get married outside of Athens. They tell Helena because she is friends with Hermia and it will help her with Demetrius.
6. Even though Helena loves Demetrius and is Hermia’s best friend, she decides to tell Demetrius of Hermia and Lysander’s plans because, she believes this will somehow bring Demetrius closer to her.
7. Hermia’s basic dilemma is she has two difficult choices either become a nun, be executed or marry a man she does not love [Theseus and Egeus’s choices]. Lysander suggests they sneak out of Athens together and get married outside Athenian borders.
8. Nick bottom wants to play all parts because he believes he is an outstanding actor and understands the play.
9. This scene is considered funny because Quince is naming the parts and bottom wants to play all the parts which leads to an argument which is shown in the dialogue between the men. Shakespeare included this scene because introduce a humorous character, this is often done to relieve tension in the dialogue.
10. The following nights the actors are supposed to meet in the forest outside of Athens. Lysander and Hermia are also meeting at these same woods at the same time.
11. I would describe Bottoms acting ability not so good. I say this because he knows close to nothing about plays and cannot seem to concentrate on one specific role. On the other hand, Bottom thinks of himself of the best actor in the world.
Act 2, Scene 1
10. The reader finds out that the current relationship between
Oberon and Titania is not so good. They are both fighting over a young Indian boy. Oberon wants the boy to work for him, Titania doesn’t want this.
11. They have come to Athens to celebrate Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding. In the past Titania had an affair with Theseus and Oberon had an affair with Hippolyta.
12. The quarrel between Oberon and Titania has had bad effects on nature. They have caused all ...


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