Assignment On Dialogue: Night On The Town

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SkitNarrator: AmandaDrunk Driver/ Birthday girl (Jasper): MarthaFriend 1(Erin): DanielleFriend 2(Rafael): JoeN: It’s a Thursday night, and Jasper’s 20th birthday. After a long week of school Jasper and her friends decide to go out to Piccadilly’s the most exciting bar on Thursday nights!* Jasper, Rafael, and Erin go into bar *E: So Rafael, Jasper, how was the first week of school, because mine was harsh?R: Erin, why are you talking about school? It’s Jasper’s birthd ...view middle of the document...

However, this presented a problem, which was that Jasper had driven there. Although Jasper was clearly under the influence, she was bound and determined to drive home.J: C’mon guys, lets go! Remember to wear your seatbelts, to take your shoes off before you get in, and DON’T PUKE IN THE CAR!!!!!!!E: Jasper, don’t be stupid! You can’t drive! You’re way to drunk like the rest of us!J: What!E: I’m not getting in with you behind the wheel.R: Don’t be a closer Erin, get in the car, we’re leaving* Martha tries to put the key in the ignition *J: I can’t get the keys to work. It’s a sign. Let’s just take a cab. I guess I can pick up my sexy car tomorrow.E: Okay! Great! I’ll call the cab.R: Fine, but I’m not paying!N: In the wise words of Aristotle, the only difference between beasts and a human is reasoning. Although they drank like beats, they proved they were human by using their reasoning when deciding whether or not to drive under the influence.


essay on the adversity faced by Ellie Weisel in "night" - st johns college dubbo - essay

872 words - 4 pages ‘In his memoir, Elie Wiesel shows that adversity brings out the very best and the very worst in people.’ Do you agree? Adversity can make and break individuals during long seasons of torment and hardship. Ellie Wiesel’ memoir “Night”, is a desolate story describing the painful journey of a 15 year old boy suffering affliction during the period of the holocaust. Ellie’s unfortunate adversity resulted in the endless abuse associated with the loss

Use film techniques to create setting and evoke mood in the film To Kill a Mockingbird - Grade 12 - Essay

959 words - 4 pages themes of racism, prejudice, racial equality and justice. The unjust trial is evidently driven by the undercurrent of prejudice that runs through Maycomb, as even though the audience know that Tom Robinson is innocent and was falsely accused of raping a white woman. The high camera angles when focusing on Robinson shows how powerless he really is. Mayella Ewell, the white woman, and her whole family are seen as “trash” by the rest of the town but yet

A Review Of William Faulkner's "A Rose For Emily"

1763 words - 8 pages Free into the lonely world of Miss Emily Grierson. Faulkner portrays the townspeople and Emily in the southern town of Jefferson during the late 1800's to early 1900's. The town is more than just the setting in the story; it takes on its own characterization with Emily, the main character. The town of Jefferson is deeply involved in the life of Emily Grierson. They often watch, debate and gossip about her. They had their own idea of who she was and

The Scarlet Letter 2 Essay

1687 words - 7 pages love with another man and they have a child together. She is found guilty of committing adultery and is sentenced to stand holding her child before Boston on a scaffold for three hours. She is interrogated as to who her fellow sinner is, but she remains strong. Many women of the town believe that Hester's penalty is not harsh enough and therefore, she is marked with the letter A upon her chest. She is returned to her prison cell and a doctor is

Transform a scene in "Blackrock" to prose. - English - assignment

952 words - 4 pages people, no sound. Except one. The cemetery is the focal point of the town. Despite the circumstances, most of the town displayed their sorrow at Tracy Warner’s funeral. The young 14yo had been brutally raped and murdered just the night before. She was attending a party and thought it would be a night to remember…Indeed it was. But not for her. It was for her best friend Cherie Milenko who lies solemnly next to her grave, looking towards the sky

themes explored in romeo and Juliet - Class 2019 - essay

801 words - 4 pages dialogue. Through Shakespeare’s utilisation of literary devices the audience can understand and visualise the themes presented. The theme of love is conveyed by the “star-crossed lovers”, Romeo and Juliet; this is explored through Shakespeare’s use of simile. Shakespeare focuses on romantic love, especially the overwhelming passion that arises at first sight between Romeo and Juliet. Their love is a strong connection that suppresses other values

Comparing Manipulation In Texts. - De la salle - Essay

1146 words - 5 pages river’ ‘breathing vegetation’ in order to symbolise the liveliness, vastness and power of nature. Patchett also uses personification, ‘The sky was spread over in white clouds that banked and thinned depending on the direction she turned in.’, to immerse Marina and in doing so immerses the reader in the nature and shows that nature follows us wherever we go almost looking over us. Patchett employs dialogue between Marina and Dr. Swenson to

Fenton's Struggles In Merry Wives Of Windsor

1229 words - 5 pages The Merry Wives of Windsor tells the story of a small town disrupted by an outsider, of high stature, who reveals the characters of Windsor's darker traits. While Shakespeare's play mainly focuses on the intrusion of the portly knight, John Falstaff, and his rippling effect in the town, it also displays other events and stories independent of Falstaff's havoc. Besides the focus that is aimed at the wives whom Falstaff intends to seduce away from

This assignment is for the PHIL 201 course - Liberty University PHIL 201 - Essay

652 words - 3 pages and that they have never experienced true existence as truth, while the Rene Descartes more debates over if the concept is valid or invalid. The last piece, which is a dialogue between Socrates and Glaucon, focuses more on using logic and reason to prove this belief and how one would transition from the dream world to actual reality. Out of the literary pieces, I find the dialogue of Socrates and Glaucon and the Matrix Synopsis to have the most

Trapped Between the Walls of The Yellow Wallpaper - ACC Comp 2 - Analysis Essay

1279 words - 6 pages - what is one to do?” (Gilman). The narrator explained that her husband dismisses her illness through use of dialogue. He strongly believed that his wife was being overly dramatic and that nothing was wrong with her. The typical male makes his wife a conformist by enforcing his beliefs on her. The husband truly believed that nothing was wrong with his spouse, ignored the symptoms and failed to offer the right treatment therefore worsening her

Critique of Measure for Measure - bakersfield college - Essay

914 words - 4 pages most often reflects on dark side of our own morals. Which the play Measure for Measure depicted well through their acting and seemed to be in tangent with Shakespeare’s plays. Also, in all Shakespeare’s comedies there seems to be similarity in the end, nobody dies and most of the characters end up being married like Twelfth Night and Midsummer’s day Night which was the theme for Measure for Measure as well. The scenic designer Kevin ganger did a

Movie Review: 42nd Street

469 words - 2 pages 42nd Street (1933) is the classic, fast paced, backstage movie musical a refreshing film musical forever and saved Warner Bros. It saved the studios from bankruptcy, helping it grow into a major studio. Set during the Depression and about the Depression, the film is considered the backstage musical par excellence, the grand daddy of them all. It was based on putting on a show tradition stemming from MGM's first sound film, The Broadway Melody

Compare and contrast Mask of Anarchy and We are Seven - Degree Level 2 - Assignment

2560 words - 11 pages Part 2 Compare and contrast extracts from William Wordsworth’s poem ‘We are Seven’ and Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem ‘The Mask of Anarchy: Written on the Occasion of the Massacre at Manchester’ The first poem being compared for this assignment is ‘We are Seven’, (Wordsworth, cited in The Open University, 2018, a) written as part of Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballad’s. It presents the dialogue of a man, the narrator, and a little girl who the man is

13th warrior plot summary

548 words - 3 pages outskirts of the town, a band of the bear-like beasts ferociously attacked and slaughtered two of the warriors and escaped with their heads. The next day the town built a small moat with large wooden poles in order to protect the city. That night a massive militia of beasts attacked the city and killed six more of the warrior squad, leaving only five warriors alive. Following the assault, Ahmad examined one of the beasts and discovered he was actually a

Symbolism in To Kill a Mockingbird - 10th grade english essay on symbolism in the book, To Kill a Mockingbird - Essay

1004 words - 5 pages Tom Robinson. Growing up in a privileged and educated family, the Finch children’s unbiased view on the world is sculpted with open mindedness, unlike many others in the town of Maycomb. Atticus teaches them to respect everyone, despite their wealth or race. When Atticus gives the children air-rifles for Christmas, he refuses to teach the children to shoot and instructs them to never kill a mockingbird. When the confused children turn to their