Essay Comparing George And Terry's Father From Short Stories "Dear America" And "Stop The Sun" Honors English I Essay

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Natalie Du Bois
A Taste of the War - George and Terry’s Father
Bullets go off, ​while​ “zooms” go over heads as bullets fly by. The rainy,
humid, jungle of Vietnam ​forces​ sweat fall off scarred faces and drip onto the
ever changing ground from dry to ​drenched​, being soaked with blood. The
bullets fire and ​dramatically​ more screams can be heard. Then in a matter
sixty quick seconds, everything goes silent, everything except the hot breath of
one, lonely survivor. The two Vietnam veterans that too went through death
and traumatic tragedies were George and Terry’s Father from the short
stories, “Dear America” and Stop the Sun”, the two share many similarities and
differences concerning Vietnam.
George and Terry’s Father share many similarities about the Vietnam
War. The two most obvious similarities are that both of Veterans served in
Vietnam and had a difficult time sharing the experience with their loved ones.
Both went through roughly the same experiences. In the two short stories, the
men see such horrific things that just don’t leave them the same from when
they were last seen in their homes. Terry’s Father explains how he saw bullets
firing from every corner, heard screams coming from all directions, and saw
dead bodies everywhere. George also saw terrible things but he couldn’t put
them into words, he didn’t want to ​relive ​the experience. Both of the men
were not willing to bring that burden onto their families Despite the obvious,
both men survived the war. Terry’s Father was the last man alive after an
attack, he only made it through ​because​ he hid under his dead teammate, to
hide from the enemy.​ Luckily​, he...

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